Natural grasslands in Latvia: perspectives and management, April 2016


April 25, 2016: the first “round table” seminar was held in Riga, Academic Center for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia. The aim of the event was to inform participants about the progress of the LIFE Viva Grass project implementation: assessment and evaluation of grassland ecosystem services in Cēsis municipality; problems, solutions and possibilities for the long-term […]

Stakeholder meetings in Estonian demo areas, January-February 2016

Lääne-Saare koosolek

January 29/ February 3, 2016 a second round of case study area meetings was held in Estonia. The meeting in Lääne county took place on January 29 and on February 3 similar meeting was held in Lääne-Saare municipality. Both meetings were targeted at local environmental, planning and development experts with the aim to introduce LIFE […]

Establishing an active stakeholders’ network for grassland maintenance in Lithuania, June-December 2015

Round table discussion in Pavilniai, Lithuania

Grassland maintenance in a territory requires different stakeholders to be involved in making a decision about the best possible solutions for grassland management in the concrete area. In order to make the maintenance of the grassland long lasting, all aspects (natural, socio-economic) should be taken into consideration. Trying to map the understanding of the state […]

Principles of how to improve the agri-environmental measures discussed in Lithuania, October 2015


In October, specialists of State Service for Protected Areas, Ministry of Environment, Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve, Viešvilė State Nature Reserve and Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania discussed the principles of how to improve one action specified in agri-environmental measure of Rural Development Programme (RDP) that deals with maintenance of specific meadows. It is planned to distinguish specific […]

The meadows breakfast in Krape parish, October 2015

Madliena 8

October 19, 2015: the discussion in Krape parish was organised as an introductory discussion for the series of round table discussions where business scenarios by managing grasslands and evaluation of ecosystem services have to be explored and discussed. This was the first round table discussion on business opportunities. The aim was to explore the experience […]

Stakeholder discussions on semi-natural grassland management problems and possible solutions, May-June 2015


In the end of May and beginning of June 2016 Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia in cooperation with the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Lääne-Saare municipality and Lääne county government organized a row of stakeholder meetings at Lääne-County (May 20, 2016), Lääne-Saare municipality (May 13, 2016) and in Tallinn (June 1, 2016) to discuss problems and possible solutions […]

International Seminar “Enhancing Economic viability of Grasslands by Green Farming in Europe”, May 2015


May 27-29, 2015: a creative think tank exchange seminar “Enhancing Economic viability of Grasslands by Green Farming in Europe” took place  in Kandava Municipality, Latvia. Thank you for your contribution! AGENDA EVENT REPORT PICTURES Presentations from the event are available and downloadable here: DAY 1 Heidrun Fammler, Baltic Environmental Forum Introduction: Enhancing Economic viability of […]

The meadows breakfast in Madliena, April 2015


April 11, 2015: stakeholders event was organised in order to establish contacts to the interested stakeholders, to find out their understanding on state of art on grasslands and on their management, explain what we are doing in the project and to clarify their expectations. This event served also as the introductory event of the LIFE […]