Establishing an active stakeholders’ network for grassland maintenance in Lithuania, June-December 2015

Grassland maintenance in a territory requires different stakeholders to be involved in making a decision about the best possible solutions for grassland management in the concrete area. In order to make the maintenance of the grassland long lasting, all aspects (natural, socio-economic) should be taken into consideration. Trying to map the understanding of the state of art on grassland ecosystems and its management as well as to clarify expectations of different parties, project team has initiated dialog with different stakeholders in project territories in Lithuania. Different aspects were discussed depending on the exact territory.

The first meeting took place in Pavilniai regional park in 3rd of June. It was agreed that in order to maintain grasslands in Ribiškės reserve – in this urban area with no agriculture – project team should look at 2 directions – either finding innovative farmers or socially responsible business.

The second meeting took place in Dubysa regional park in 4th of June. The main problems of meadow abandonment were identified and many things that could inspire people to take care of grassland maintenance and overcome those problems discussed.

The last stakeholder meeting took place in Nemunas delta in 7th of December. Participants discussed the possible problems that can be tackled during the project in order to contribute to nature tourism development and economically viable grassland management model creation in Nemunas delta- nature paradise with tourism potential.

Those initial stakeholder meetings identified the most problematic issues in each territory to work on during LIFE VIVA GRASS  project.


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