Useful links


  1. Short publication about ecosystems, its’ goods and services by European Commission, 2009
  2. Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services by European Commission, 2016
  3. Scientific publication  “Methodology for coastal ecosystem valuation for facilitation of decision making processes”: summary, poster, 2014
  4. Scienitific publication “Necessity of mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services in planning and decision making process”, presentation, 2014
  5. The abstract of European Conference on Ecological Restoration, 2014
  6. Scientific article “Production of fermentation feedstock from lignocellulosic biomass: applications of membrane separation”, 2015
  7. Methodological Guidelines for Mapping and Assesment of Grassland ES assessment, 2014
  8. Annotated bibliography identifying the literature relevant to ecological intensification, 2013
  9. Towards a resilient ecosystem of the Baltic Sea, 2014


  1. Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia: Ecosystem services (Latvia), 2015, 7 min.
  2. California Academy of Sciences: Ecosystem services, 2014, 9 min.
  3. EU Environment: Ecosystem services, 2014, 3 min.
  4. OPERAs project: Ecosystem services in brief, 2015, 3 min.
  5. Conservation strategy fund: Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Intro to Valuation, 2015, 7 min.
  6. TEEB4me: Put a value on Nature! Pavan Sukhdev TED Talk, 2012, 16 min.
  7. WestcountryRiversTV Creating a Sustainable Future: Ecosystem Services and Spatial Planning, 2013, 2 min.
  8. GundInstitute: Ecosystem Services & Rural Livelihoods, 2011, 5 min.
  9. Conservation Strategy Fund: Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Classes of Values, 2015, 7 min.
  10. EU Environment: Ecosystem services and Biodiversity – Science for Environment Policy, 2016, 5 min.
  11. Forest as ecosystem – Vidzeme, 2013, 6 min.


  1. Carolina Biological Supply Company: Infographic about ecosystem services
  2. European Commission: Infographic about ecosystem services that provides benefits for people

Related projects, links

  1. LIFE programme to save environment
  2. LIFE EcosystemServices: a project that seeks assessment of ecosystems and their services for nature biodiversity conservation and management, 2014-2018
  3. LIFENaturEtrade: a project in United Kingdom, Spain, Romania and Croatia that seeks to create a marketplace for ecosystem services, 2013-2018
  4. LIFEPeatLandUse: a project that seeks for quantification and valuation of ecosystem services to optimize sustainable re-use for low-productive drained peatlands, 2013-2018
  5. PTD LIFE: a project that will focus on dynamic rotational grazing and tries to increase the environmental performance of grassland systems, 2014-2019
  6. LIFE to Alvars: a project that aims to restore the most valuable, but currently overgrown, alvar areas on 2 500 ha of land and to create the right conditions for local farmers to manage these areas after the restoration, 2014-2019
  7. LIFE GRASSSERVICE : a project that looks for alternative use of biomass for maintenance of grassland biodiversity and ecosystem services, 2013-2017
  8. ValueES: Counting on natures benefits
  9. LIFE+EcoBusiness: a project in Lower Austria that intends to increase awareness of what biodiversity is and of all those values which our ecosystem provides us with; seeks to motivate companies to introduce projects geared towards preserving biodiversity, 2014-2017
  10. LIFE Natura2000ValueCrete: a project that rise awareness and shares information about benefits of Natura 2000 sites in Crete based on ecosystem services, 2014-2018
  11. INSPIRATION: integrated planning, land use and soil management research action
  12. OpeNESS: a project that aims to translate the concepts of Natural Capital (NC) and Ecosystem Services (ES) into operational frameworks that provide tested, practical and tailored solutions for integrating ES into land, water and urban management and decision-making, 2012-2017
  13. ECOPLAN: a project that aims to create spatially explicit information and tools for the assessment of ecosystem services, 2013-2016
  14. ESMERALDA: a project tht aims to deliver a flexible methodology to provide the building blocks for pan-European and regional assessments based on ecosystem services, 2015-2018
  15. LIBERATION: a project that using this modelling approach analyses which on-farm management practices and spatial configuration of semi-natural habitats optimizes yield and which optimizes farm income based on ecosystem services, 2013-2017
  16.  OPERAs is a European research project that is helping to put cutting edge ecosystem science into practice. Composed of scientists, researchers and practioners from 27 different organisations the project seeks to help stakeholders to apply the ecosystem services and natural capital concept into practice, 2012-2017
  17. ESP – Ecosystem Services Partnership aims to enhance communication, coordination and cooperation, and to build a strong network of individuals and organizations. ESP enhances and encourages a diversity of approaches, while reducing unnecessary duplication of effort in the conceptualization and application of ecosystem services
  18. BISE – biodiversity Information System for Europe is a single entry point for data and information on biodiversity supporting the implementation of the EU strategy and the Aichi targets in Europe. Bringing together facts and figures on biodiversity and ecosystem services, it links to related policies, environmental data centres, assessments and research findings from various sources
  19. Oppla is an open platform that is designed for people with diverse needs and interests – from science, policy and practice; public, private and voluntary sectors; organisations large and small, as well as individuals. All are welcome and have a part to play in our community
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