We aim to support maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by grasslands, through encouraging ecosystem based planning and economically viable grassland management.

  • About the project

    LIFE Viva Grass project aims to prevent loss of High Nature Value grasslands by providing the Integrating Planning Tool (Tool) and considering socio-economic factors impacting nature conservation policy. The Tool will provide models for economically viable management of grassland biodiversity that would be applicable all over the Europe and particularly in integration of marginal grasslands areas that experience socio-economic decline, land abandonment and consequent loss of farmland biodiversity. The grassland...
  • Save the dates for the final event of “LIFE Viva Grass“ project

    On February 6th-7th the final event of „LIFE Viva Grass“ project will be organized in Vilnius, Lithuania. During this event, active discussions about ecosystem services of grasslands, integrated planning and ecosystem service assesment will take place. The organizers will also introduce the Integrated Planning Tool and it‘s different applications, that can help to make land-use decisions according to grassland ecosystem services.  
  • Project experts participating in the “Baltic Esri User Conference”

    On October 17-18, 2018 LIFE Viva Grass project experts Dana Prižavoite (Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia) and Ivo Vinogradovs (University of Latvia) will participate in the "Baltic Esri User Conference", in Riga, Latvia. This is the first joint Baltic level GIS Community Conference to share and gain experience, expertise and insights with specialists and sector Leaders! On October 18, in the frame of the "User and Education Session" Ivo Vinogradovs will held the...