The final event of “LIFE Viva Grass project”, February 27-28, 2019
The Final Event of “LIFE Viva Grass“ project, February 27-28, 2018
ESP European Conference 2018, October 15-19, 2018
Visitor day in Pavilniai, October 2018
Training and visitor day in Saaremaa, Estonia, September 19, 2018
Visitor day in Ventė ornithological station, September 2018
Round table meeting in Tallinn, September 13, 2018
Visitor day in Dubysa park, September 2018
Open day event in Madliena, July 2018
Visitor day in Pavilniai regional park, June 2018
Visitor day in Kurese, Estonia, June 3, 2018
Seminar on integrating ES concept into spatial planning, May 16-18, 2018
Open day event in Vaive/ Cēsis district, May 2018
Eight partners meeting, April 17-19, 2018
Meetings with stakeholders in Estonian pilot areas, April 2018
Visitor day in Nemunas delta (Silute dstr.), April, 2018
Seminar on landscape management in Cēsis, February 2018
Presenting birding guidebook in Vilnius, January, 2018
Presenting birding guidebook in Šilutė, January, 2018
Seventh partners meeting, December 5-7, 2017
Think tank meeting on grasslands management, December, 2017
Visitor day in Dubysa, September, 2017
Visitors day and seminar for planners in Saaremaa, September, 2017
Visitor day in Vente Cape (Silute dstr.), September, 2017
Visitor day in Pavilniai, September, 2017
Visitors day in Kurese, July, 2017
Visitor day in Dubysa, July, 2017
Visitors day in Madliena parish, July, 2017
Meadow breakfast in the festival LAMPA, July, 2017
Round table discussion in Silute municipality, June, 2017
Day 3 – excursion to Viru bog, May 12, 2017
Day 3 – excursion to Lahemaa national park, May 12, 2017
Day 3 – excursion in Tallinn, May 12, 2017
Day 2 of Ecosystem Services Platform meeting in Tallinn, May 11, 2017
Day 1 of Ecosystem Services Platform meeting in Tallinn, May 10, 2017
Sixth partners meeting, April 26-28, 2017
Discussion on grasslands management, Madliena, March 2017
Experts meeting on tool development in Vilnius, March 2017
Discussion forum on cooperation and experience exchange, January 2017
Visitor day in Dubysa, January 2017
Fifth partners meeting, December 2016
Meeting Estonian Environmental board in Dubysa, November 2016
Project monitoring meeting in Vilnius, October 2016
Baltic experts meeting in Riga, October 2016
International conference in Lahemaa National Park, October 2016
Stakeholder meeting in Šilutė, September 2016
Visitors day in Cēsis, August 2016
Visitors day in Madliena, July 2016
A village day in Leedri, July 2016
Morning in the meadow, Rāmuļi, Vaive parish, June 2016
Discussion about nature tourism in Nemunas delta, June 2016
Stakeholder meeting in Dubysa, May 2016
Visiting day at Kurese farm in Estonia, May 2016
Europe day in Raseiniai, Lithuania, May 2016
Fourth partners meeting, April 2016
Third stakeholders meeting in Madliena, April 2016
Natural grasslands in Latvia: perspective&management, April 2016
Meeting with stakeholders in Lääne-Saare, February 2016
Meeting with stakeholders in Lääne county, January 2016
Second stakeholders meeting in Madliena, October 2015
Expert meetings in Riga – conceptual planning, October 2015
Grassland restoration works in farm “Šovītes” in Autumn 2015
Learning about organic farming in Latvia-Estonia, September 2015
Round table discussion in Dubysa, Lithuania, June 2015
Round table discussion in Pavilniai, Lithuania, June 2015
First rounds of Estonian stakeholders meetings, May-June 2015
International seminar, May 27-30, 2015
Alpine study tour – good grassland management practices, May 2015
First stakeholder meeting in Madliena, Latvia, April 2015
Second project partners meeting, April 2015
First project partners meeting, November 2014
Grassland blossom – State Šušvė landscape reserve, Lithuania
Study visit to United Kingdom – farming experience, October 2014
Study visit to Sweden, September 2014
Expert meeting in Vilnius – conceptual planning, September 2014
Treasures of Šušvė meadows, Lithuania
The very beggining – kick off meeting, June 2014