Demo case areas

Kurese nature farm, owned by Saare Rantso, locates on Kurese landscape protection area which belongs to Natura 2000 network and is established for protection of priority habitats such as alvars and rare species. 14 of 37 Estonian orchid species are growing on the lands of Kurese farms. Also internationally protected bird species are nesting on […]
The initial project area Lümanda was a small municipality (199 km²) located at the western edge of Saaremaa island. It can be characterised as a very remote area with pristine nature. It was selected as a project area because it was one of the 3 pilot areas where agri-environmental subsidies were developed and tested first […]
Lääne county has the largest areas covered with the nature protection areas in Estonia. Together with Natura 2000 sites 32% of the territory of the county is protected, including the most famous Matsalu NP and semi-natural habitats (including extensive coastal and floodplain meadows). Therefore a lot of EU-funded projects have been carried out there (starting […]
Starting as Farm “Šovītes” at the beginning of the project, “Kalnāju Ferma” is keeping a herd of ca 50 meat cows with the aim to produce high quality organic beef. The cattle feeds on 80 ha of grasslands, which is former arable land managed by the local collective farm during the Soviet times. Since then, […]
Madliena parish is a part of Ogre municipality with an area of 168 km2 located in the middle of Latvia. 2/5 of the area is occupied by agricultural land. Part of the parish is occupied by the scenic Ogre River Valley Nature Park, the river itself is well known for boating lovers. Madliena parish stands out […]
Cēsis municipality is a small municipality with an area of 172 km2 located in the middle of Latvia, mostly known for its medieval centre Cēsis town and picturesque Gauja National Park. Though currently underutilized, the open upland landscape with hills, valleys and ravines is having a high potential to attract visitors. Grasslands play an important […]
One of the most picturesque landscapes right in the capital city of Lithuania was little used in any purpose for few decades. There were no farmers left in the urban area, grasslands were abandoned and breathtaking views were hidden by bushes. Despite the fact, some rare species could still be found in those grasslands. In […]
The territories in the middle of Lithuania are situated in an intensive agricultural area. Some rare plant species grow here and are threatened to be overshadowed by growing bushes and trees or to be plowed by farmers. Also the problem of losing scenic views occurs here too. Most of the area is divided into very […]
Šilutė municipality and areas close to it is unique area in Lithuania well known for its rich biodiversity (mostly concentrated in the case study areas), fishing and floods. Bird migratory route crosses the area, hundreds of bird species are found here and thousands of geese could be observed in meadows in springtime. Few globally endangered […]