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Stakeholder meetings in Estonian demo areas, January-February 2016

January 29/ February 3, 2016 a second round of case study area meetings was held in Estonia. The meeting in Lääne county took place on January 29 and on February 3 similar meeting was held in Lääne-Saare municipality. Both meetings were targeted at local environmental, planning and development experts with the aim to introduce LIFE Viva Grass project progress and discuss possibilities to implement the logic of the integrated planning tool on municipality and regional level planning processes. Also some preliminary cooperation possibilities were discussed with Lääne County Government who is not a partner in the project. LIFE Viva Grass team was informed that the county government is planning to reinforce Environmental Council in the region and there is a cooperation possibility with the LIFE Viva Grass project in terms of awareness raising and information exchange. For example there is a strong need to introduce grassland management alternatives to local stakeholders (e.g. farmers and land owners) in order to show them good examples and bring together people having experience with the ones who need motivation to act.


Meeting materials in Estonian are available HERE

Meeting in Lääne County Meeting in Lääne-Saare municipality

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