Integrated planning tool

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„Vivagrass Bio Energy“

The team of the “Life Viva Grass” project presents the Integrated Planning Tool developed by the project. It gives an opportunity to see the benefits that grasslands provide for people from different perspectives and highlights grassland ecosystem services. The concept of ecosystem services is very newly introduced in the Baltic countries –  it is the first time, […]

Integrated planning tool

Integrated planning tool developed within the project aims on helping to make decisions for sustainable grassland management by strengthening linkages between social, economic, environmental, agricultural fields and policies. The tool works on GIS (geographic information system) based environment and incorporates ecosystem services as well as socio-economic parameters.   Project team have already made the first […]

Terms of the tool

Synergies |Bundle Nature and ecosystems provide a number of benefits to humans through ecosystem processes, i.e. water infiltration in soils or nutrient uptake by plant roots. This set of benefits are what we call Ecosystem Services. However, not all ecosystem services occur together in the same location and time. On the other hand, certain ecosystem […]