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International Seminar “Enhancing Economic viability of Grasslands by Green Farming in Europe”, May 2015

May 27-29, 2015: a creative think tank exchange seminar “Enhancing Economic viability of Grasslands by Green Farming in Europe” took place  in Kandava Municipality, Latvia.

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Presentations from the event are available and downloadable here:


Heidrun Fammler, Baltic Environmental Forum

Introduction: Enhancing Economic viability of Grasslands by green Farming in Europe

Kęstutis Navickas, Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania

Ecosystem based integrated planning and the LIFE Viva Grass project ambitions in the Baltics

Anda Ruskule, Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia

Analysis of experience with grassland management projects in the Baltic States

Argo Peepson, University of Life science

20 years of grassland management on Western-Saaremaa,Estonia

Paul Silcock, economist and director at Cumulus Consultants Ltd

Policy and market context

Hilary Kirkpatrick, grazing and policy expert, CNCC

How can industrial farming, green farming, forestry & nature conservation reinforce each other?

Oisin Murnion, Extensive Grazier in N.Ireland /chair Red Meat Association SDA

Northern Ireland CAP

Conservation management

Paul Silcock, economist and director at Cumulus Consultants Ltd

Local food and drink production

Hans Heinhuis, Leisurelands Ltd.

Tourism and income from green payments generated by private outdoor recreation firms


Henk Ritzema, grassland hydrology expert, Wageningen University

Water management of grasslands in Europe and the economic interface

Raymond Schrijver, economist and expert on extensive grazing, ALTERRA

Paulo Castro, former director Penez Geres National Park

LIFE Viva Grass project is aiming to support maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by grasslands through encouraging ecosystem based planning and economically viable grassland management. In frame of this challenging project a series international seminars on different aspects of grassland management and economic development will be held.

The goals of the seminar:
1. To discuss among Baltic and international experts on sustainable management for HNV grasslands

    • To identify  opportunities for making “green” farming  economically sustainable in the Baltic States;
    • To discuss  key obstacles (political, social, economic, socio-economic, physical-geographical) for HNV grasslands management;
    • To get ideas of benefit of ecosystem based planning approach.

2. To reflect on the Baltic situation at the periphery of the North-Eastern Europe;

3.To link LIFE Viva Grass project outputs to Rural Development Programmes and learn how the measures work in different countries;

4. To introduce LIFE Viva Grass project and get feedback on project ideas and approaches.


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