Cēsis municipality – open scenic landscape planning, Latvia

Cēsis municipality – open scenic landscape planning, Latvia

Cēsis municipality is a small municipality with an area of 172 km2 located in the middle of Latvia, mostly known for its medieval centre Cēsis town and picturesque Gauja National Park. Though currently underutilized, the open upland landscape with hills, valleys and ravines is having a high potential to attract visitors.

Grasslands play an important role in the landscape, however, they are degrading in the quality and also impacting landscape aesthetic value. Overgrowing by shrubs and trees due to abandonment is one problem touching 1/5 of grasslands. Invasion of the Sosnowsky’s Hogweed is another problem, which is particular for the municipality – the invaded area reaches 888 ha or 5.2% of the total area being among the top invasion areas in the country.

Project activities

  • A map of landscape risks and assets in the Municipality was included in the new spatial plan of the Municipality.

  • Grassland restoration works finished in an area of 30 ha – trees and shrubs have been felled, stoned removed, stumps and roots milled and soil levelled, part of grassland have been plowed and then grass seeds mixture sown. Almost all plots rented out.

  • The Integrated planning tool was tested in the level of municipality.

  • Notice board of the project was built.

  • 3 visitor days have been organized (read more about the 1st one; 2nd one and 3rd one). It received more than 80 visitors. various stakeholder events were held to discuss the elaboration of the landscape plan, grassland restoration experience and explore the Viva Grass tool