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Visitors day in Cēsis district, August 2016

August 19, 2016 – the open day event was held in Cēsis district with the aim to introduce the participants to the project area, implemented management activities and elaboration of the landscape management plan with particular emphasis on opening the information stand and introduction to landscapes of the municipality.

A special bus tour was organised within the event. At the beginning, project coordinator from Cēsis municipality Ms. Inta Ādamsone introduced the participants with the project and the activities planned and already implemented in the pilot territory. Especially, the importance of the landscape management plan was pointed as maintenance of open landscape, particularly grasslands, is one of the core priorities in the municipality within the project.

During the trip, professor Oļģerts Nikodemus from the University of Latvia explained various aspects of landscape perception from roads depending on the type of vehicle and road cover. For example, going by bike gives more time to explore the surrounding landscape, and the perspective of landscape is much wider compared to going by car.

First stop of the tour was at Krīvi settlement where a specially prepared informative notice board was presented, so the participants had possibility to get acquainted with various information about the landscape values in Cēsis district, particularly the Vaive River valley and its beautiful landscapes as well as about the ecosystem services provided by open landscapes.

Then tour was leading through scenic landscapes in the northern part of the Vaive parish and Rāmuļi settlement where the important feature of the landscape is mosaic structure by interaction of forests and open agricultural land. Scientists of the University of Latvia commented and explained the landscape formation, structure, elements and importance from the scientific perspective.

At the end of the tour, the participants visited local farm “Veclejas Daudziešas” and tasted self-baked bread, cheese and other country goods and could share impressions about the event in informal atmosphere.


Gallery from the event.

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