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Open day event in Cēsis in the frame of the conversation festival Lampa

July 1, 2017 – the aim of the interactive event held in close cooperation with the Latvian Fund for Nature was to introduce wider public with grassland ecosystem services, raise the discussion about grasslands provided ecosystem services and importance in everyday’s life as well as offer the option to vote for self-important meadow goods.

At the beginning project expert from Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia  A. Ruskule introduced public with grassland ecosystems service context and meadow ecosystem. All participants were invited to vote for self-important grassland ecosystem services.

Then project expert from Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia  Kristīna Veidemane continued with short intro on meadow as a one of important landscape element and landscape management. She also invited participants to mark with collared dots the most significant landscape places for recreation and landscape maintenance Cēsis surrounding.

Discussions were held on grassland ecosystems significance in future landscape, landscape formation and their maintenance in Cēsis district. Other discussion aspect was on grassland maintenance requirements and grassland overgrowing.

Pictures from the event.

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