Farm “Kurese”


Project partner: Farm “Kurese”


Private Limited Company Saare Rantso was founded in 2012. In April 2016 the company bought all of the lands belonging to Kurese nature farm with the aim of practising organic farming combined with other supporting economic activities that would benefit the sustainable management of grasslands in the area. Saare Rantso’s main economic activity is organic beef cattle breeding (mainly Limousin breed). Company is also seeking for extra activities that would support the economic farming such as nature conservation (e.g. semi-natural grassland management, nature tourism development etc). Kurese nature farm has good preconditions for this as the grasslands there are very diverse and untouched from intensive farming.

 In LIFE Viva Grass Kurese farm will carry out business catalytic activities (creating a water body for 300 grazing animals) and test the developed tool at the farm level. This project is expected to initiate the implementation of multi-functional sustainable farming model in farm Kurese, which could work as a model case.