Ecosystem services

[Grassland] ecosystem is a complex with many interactions.

proceses in ecosystems

Ecosystem services are all the benefits that ecosystems provide to humans. Many or them are tangible (like hay or herbs) and some of them are really difficult to imagine and understand (like CO2 accumulation, fresh air ). We even do not think about those impossible-to-see services as serving people existence.


In opposite to classical nature conservation, the concept of Ecosystem Services is anthropocentric. It is based on the ecosystem as the foundation for human existence.


We use “artificial” solutions by maintaining Ecosystem Services! But we are taking into consideration that natural ecosystem does not necessarily provide more/better services than human modified systems!

Ecosystem services are divided into 3 groups [according Common International Classification of Ecosystem Services (CICES)]:

Viva Grass Euras

Provisioning services – hay for animal feeding, biomass for energy production, herbs for medical treatment, genetic resources;
Regulating services – water regulation, soil retention, nutrient regulation, pollination;
Cultural services – rural and urban landscape and its aesthetic qualities and cultural heritage, providing basis for recreation and tourism, as well as quality of life for living in that area;

Read more about different grasslands that serve different benefits for people.

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