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Think tank on grasslands management perspectives and use of gained benefits in Madliena

March 25, 2017. The aim of the event was to introduce with classification groups of grassland ecosystem service and identify grassland ecosystem services in Madliena parish by using participatory GIS mapping.

At the beginning short intro presentation was held to remind and refresh the information about the LIFE Viva Grass project, its aims, progress and activities in Madliena.

Baltic Environmental Forum experts presented the summary information (maps, statistics) regarding to the grasslands in Madliena parish and in whole territory of Latvia as well as the concept of ecosystem services. Every participant identified the most preferred grassland ecosystem services. Based on experience of participants, opinions, local knowledge and other important aspects were made mapping of grassland ecosystem services in whole Madliena parish by sticking defined colour dots on map with additional comments.

Pictures from the event.

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