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Kurese amazed people with its natural and cultural heritage

On Sunday, 3rd of June the third LIFE Viva Grass visitor day took place in Kurese Nature Farm and its surroundings. The event was organised in co-operation with Looduse Omnibuss (Nature Omnibus) that brought ca 50 interested people from Tallinn to Kurese. The visitor day included an excursion to the former Kurese village with its ruins of buildings, wells, cellars, ancient roads and fields, burial sites, fortress mounds, sacred sites and village streets bordered with stone walls. The participants also saw the biggest wooded meadow in Europe in Nedrema and alvars in Kurese with its orchides as well as the ancient fortress in Soontagana. The excursion was guided by the founder and previous owner of Kurese Nature Farm Urmas Vahur as well as by the current owner Egon Mirme. Merle Kuris from BEF Estonia introduced the LIFE Viva Grass project and explained the importance of maintenance of semi-natural grassland habitats.

Photos from the event (by Heiko Kruusi)

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