Viva Grass Viewer

Viva Grass Viewer is a basic module of the “Viva Grass Tool” targeted at general public and farmers, which is accessible for everybody without registration. Module is dedicated to increase public’s awareness about ecosystem services of grasslands, it’s assessment and spatial distribution. It provides an overview of ecosystem services provided by a selected area as well as the grouping of similar ecosystem services in bundles and interactions between different grassland ecosystem services.

By clicking on a land block of interest, the user can view ecosystem services provided by the selected grassland. The user can change the land use type (e.g. from cultivated grassland to semi-natural) to see how it changes the supply potential of ecosystem services. Where available, recommendations on maintenance practices are given. The data of ecosystem services and relevant context data allows the user to explore mapping and assessment results of selected ecosystem services. Bundles and trade-offs of ecosystem services represent spatial grouping and interactions of ecosystem services. The user can compare two map views by splitting and swiping the screen.

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In the video tutorial below the main functionalities of this module is presented.

More information, how practically this module can be used, you can find in the self-learning platform.