Coldspots/hotspots of ecosystem services

Cold/hotspots of ecosystem services’ supply (aggregated data)

How was it created?

Create mean of ES cold/hot spot value, convert to raster using created field as value field, run zonal statistics as table on 5km grid. Create 5 categories of values of grid cells to using “natural brakes (jenks)”

What is shown by the layer?

Level of belonging of agroecosystems in 5km grid cell to certain cold/hot spot category


Cold/hot spot value in 5×5 km grid.

How can it be used?

Overview of spatial distribution of cold/hot spots

Update frequency

Same as base map data (every year).

Download (aggregated data from 2017)

Coldspots/hotspots of ecosystem services

“Hot-spots” are fields with great variety of ecosystem services provided at values above average (from 3 to 5), possible synergies between “Habitats” and “Production” bundles occur. “Cold-spots” are fields with low or very low (below 3) values at majority of ecosystem services provided and designate degrading/inappropriate management of agricultural land.

Download (data from 2017)