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Visitors day in “Kalnāju ferma”, June 2016

June 23, 2016: the event was held aiming to introduce the participants to the project area, implemented management activities and further plans. At the beginning, farmer Evija Dambekalne introduced the participants with basic information about the farm, its features, interest to apply sustainable, nature friendly farming practice in order to maintain the landscape and biological assets of the area at the same time producing high value meet products. Also, a specially prepared informative notice board was presented, so the participants had possibility to get acquainted with information about the farm, ecosystem services provided by grasslands and motivation to produce ecological beef in a visual form.

Afterwards, the participants visited the grasslands of the farm. They got introduced to the management practices of ca 50 cattle herd, as well as looked how former overgrowing arable land is being restored and naturalised into grasslands.

The dialog and discussion were held about the restoration works and conditions for further long term management as well as about economically viable solutions for grassland management.

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