Silute District Municipality

Project partner: Silute District Municipality

Šilutė District Municipality pursues to become attractive place to its people, where everyone can live and work in better conditions. Municipality is committed to develop cultural and natural tourism, environmentally friendly business, to expand ecological agriculture and fisheries sector, to stimulate green energy in the modern infrastructure, to enable young people to create their welfare, to work and to live here.

Šilutė District Municipality actively joins the European Union initiatives, participates in the educational activities, collaborates with other cities and their communities, participates in the various international collaborations and takes care about its historical heritage.

Šilute District Municipality is contributing to introduce and promote ecosystem values by installing 40 notice boards in the area of municipality to bring visitors attention to valuable grassland ecosystem. It is expected for the visualization of ecosystem services to facilitate attendance of local people and visitors in long-term perspective to support the grassland management. The Integrated Planning Tool is expected to strengthen linkage among social, economic, environmental and agricultural policies. Elaborate business catalytic activities and business development scenarios will be fundamental to function as background for investment plans in the municipality are.