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In the frame of the project a new brochure “KEEPING COUNTRYSIDE ALIVE – GRASSLANDS FOR HUMAN WELL-BEING” prepared. In this publication we provide inspirational examples how grasslands can be used differently to deliver benefits for social and economic life of local communities in the Baltic States while at the same time, they do not harm the ecosystem. We hope that the reader will take a new look at grasslands. Publication is available only in Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian.

Also brochure “BIRDING IN LITHUANIA, NEMUNAS DELTA REGION” available – it is the first Lithuanian Field Guide to birding for everyone interested in birds. The Nemunas Delta region, no doubt, from the ornithological point of view is the most important site in the country, here the majority of bird species found in Lithuania breed, and in the migration periods this region becomes one of the main rest stops for millions of migrating birds. The Field Guide covers 22 areas in Western Lithuania, including 15 falling under the boundaries of the Nemunas Delta Regional Park, 5 sites are in the coastal zone between Kintai and Klaipėda, 2 – in the upper reaches of the Nemunas Delta (Pagėgiai municipality). The areas have been selected based on long term observations in this region by the ornithologists, and the list of notable species was down up according to the latest data. We hope that the detailed information provided in this book about birds in the Nemunas Delta region will facilitate your immerse in the enhancing world of naturei. Publication is available only in English and Lithuanian.


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