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Morning in the meadow, June 2016

June 6, 2016: educational and interactive seminar on grasslands, their management and restoration for the youth of Cēsis municipality was held in Rāmuļi primary school, Vaive parish. The aim of the event was to inform the participants about grassland importance and also involve them into practical interactive activities.

At the beginning, E. Bojārs offered an attractive and illustrative intro presentation with the basic explanations – how do various terms (grassland, meadow, pasture and lawn) differ among each other, how did grasslands form in Latvia, why human presence is crucial for the maintenance of grasslands as well as what benefits do grasslands provide.

Then pupils were divided into 3 groups and they consecutively attended 3 workshops. In the explorative workshop in the nearest meadow, children explored various plants, learned their names, counted their diversity and listened the sounds of nature.

In the practical workshop, pupils participated in the restoration of a natural meadow – they dug and spudded the soil and sowed seeds of natural grass.

In the informative workshop, pupils participated in a quiz and filled crosswords about grasslands. At the end, children acknowledged that they liked to participate in all activities and they’ve gained new knowledge about grasslands.

Gallery from the event.

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