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Seminar “Use of GIS planning tool for prioritization of landscape management – Cēsis district example”

February 20, 2018. Seminar “Use of GIS planning tool for prioritization of landscape management – example of Cēsis district”. Planners, project LIFE Viva Grass experts from Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia and University of Latvia, representatives from Vaive municipality and tourism specialists took part in the seminar with the aim to look at the landscape in the context of spatial and territory planning.

Opening words were said by Inta Ādamsone, expert from Cēsis municipality. Afterwards Anda Ruskule, Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia, held the presentation about the landscape as resource and use of ecosystem services concept in the planning. Also, she gave the overview on exiting state of landscape in Cēsis, it’s quality aspects and potential management solutions to improve or keep the landscape’s quality. Ivo Vinogradovs, University of Latvia, held the presentation about the Integrated planning tool (elaborated in the frame of the LIFE Viva Grass project) as example to assess the Cēsis rural territories by using the ecosystem services concept approach.

In the second part of seminar the attention was paid how to set the spatial priorities of landscape management: criteria and their importance, also the scoring was done by participants.

Photos from event.

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