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Project presented in the 2nd Baltic Networking Event in Pärnu, Estonia

September 28-29, 2017. The networking event brought together 15 representatives of LIFE projects, including representatives of capacity projects from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as Lithuanian and Estonian LIFE Programme national contact points. The aim of the event was to provide space for sharing experiences and good practices concerning project implementation in the Baltic States and discuss common challenges in all projects; additionally, a separate session was held for capacity projects to address their specific issues.

On the second day of the event the participants visited a nearby project site: the LIFE Urbancows project site is located in the coastal meadows on the urban seaside of Pärnu city. During the project implementation, vast restoration works of the habitat took place and the area was re-introduced as a public nature park and a grazing pasture for cows. Although the project ended in 2016, the cow grazing is still kept up, the site is available for public attendance and is popular among locals and tourists alike.

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