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Discussion forum on cooperation and experience exchange on ES assessment, January 2017

January 17, 2017 – the second “round table” seminar was held in order to discuss a cooperation and experience exchange on ecosystem services assessment in Latvia.

The idea of meeting was to initiate discussion for ecosystem services assessment methodology application in Latvia and share knowledge and experience about ecosystem services evaluation in different areas of Latvia.

Ms. Kristīna Veidemane opened event by introducing with purpose of the event. All participants shortly introduced with themselves.

Ms. Ilona Mendziņa from Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development introduced with MAES process in Europe and Latvia and addressed to make network with ecosystem service experts and involved institutions.

Ms. Anda Ruskule from BEF Latvia presented ecosystems service assessment approaches and methods based on ESMERALDA project experience, especially highlighting widely use of spreadsheet method.

Ms. Zane Lībiete from Latvian State Forest Research Institute “Silava” forestry impact on ecosystem services. Institute stared to assess ecosystem services in Joint Stock Company “Latvia’s State Forests” forest pilot areas.

Ms. Anda Ruskule also presented LIFE Viva Grass approach of grassland ecosystem service mapping and assessment by using integrated planning Tool.

Ms. Inga Hoņavko from Nature Conservation Agency presented LIFE EcosystemService approach of grassland ecosystem service mapping and assessment in Saulkrasti un Jaunķemeri pilot areas used spreadsheet method.

Ms. Kristīna Veidemane from BEF Latvia shared experience with marine ecosystem service mapping for marine spatial plan of Latvia.

Ms. Elīna Konstantinova presented economic assessment of coastal ecosystem services, different methods and model of economic assessment for ecosystem services.

Environmental economist Ms. Kristīne Pakalniete from Aktiivs Ltd presented her experience with economic valuation methods application for water ecosystems.

Ms. Iveta Druva-Druvaskalne from Vidzeme University of Applied science presented research on ecosystem services in specially protected natural areas from local community perspective.

Ms. Anda Ruskule concluded all presentations with voting results on grassland ecosystem service from Nature Concert hall.

Representatives from different organisations shared their knowledge about ecosystem services biophysical mapping and evaluation as well as economic and social assessment methodology application in Latvian and international researches.

The most intensively discussions were on:

  • Ecosystem service mapping units and scale
  • Ecosystem service indicators
  • Aggregated values of ecosystems services
  • Visualization of units and values
  • Ownership issues of the Tool
  • Usage of the Tool for different size areas
  • Scenario development
  • Socioeconomic impact in expert based valuation
  • Economic valuation methods
  • Economic valuation of nature – price for ecosystem services
  • Education of environmental economists.

Pictures from the event.

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