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In Lithuania two more territories added

LIFE VIVA GRASS project area was expanded by two more territories in Lithuania – Dvarcioniu and Saltuonos grasslands.

Saltuonos  botanical-zoological reserve

Saltuonos botanical-zoological reserve

Dvarcioniu geomorphological reserve

Dvarcioniu geomorphological reserve








First ecosystem assessment results have indicated that the chosen areas in Lithuania have rather limited scenarios of land-use and farming structure.

As the areas suppose to feed data for the pilot testing of the integrated planning tool to be able to generate ecosystem based outputs, it would be important to have data from different territories.

Therefore, with the approval of European Commission, project team increased the project areas by including more valuable grasslands with more diverse land uses. Proposed increase of the project areas covers 195 ha.

Dvarcioniu reserve lies in the territory of the capital city of Lithuania and some years ago it was abandoned by local farmers since they do not farm anymore.


Šaltuonos botanical-zoological reserve is a territory (together with Šušvė) which are administrated by the directorate of Dubysa regional park. Some very rare butterfly and plant species could be found here.

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