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Seminar materials “Integrating ecosystem service concept into spatial planning – for sustainable land-use in grasslands and beyond”


On May 16-18, 2018 LIFE Viva Grass project held a very successful  seminar “Integrating ecosystem service concept into spatial planning – for sustainable land-use in grasslands and beyond”, Sigulda, Latvia. 2 sessions were held on May 16, 2018 – “Spatial information obtained through ES mapping and assessment as input land-use planning and decision making” and “Contribution […]

Try out Integrated Planning Tool


The team of the “Life Viva Grass” project presents the Integrated Planning Tool developed by the project. It gives an opportunity to see the benefits that grasslands provide for people from different perspectives and highlights grassland ecosystem services. The concept of ecosystem services is very newly introduced in the Baltic countries –  it is the first time, […]

REGISTRATION IS OPEN: international seminar on integrating ecosystem service concept into spatial planning

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By keeping a well-started tradition to organize acknowledged, interesting and wholesome international events in spring, the LIFE Viva Grass project invites to the seminar “Integrating ecosystem service concept into spatial planning – for sustainable land-use in grasslands and beyond”, to be held in Sigulda, Latvia, May 16-18, 2018. This time, attention, discussions and exchange of […]

Seminar “Use of GIS planning tool for prioritization of landscape management – Cēsis district example”


February 20, 2018. Seminar “Use of GIS planning tool for prioritization of landscape management – example of Cēsis district”. Planners, project LIFE Viva Grass experts from Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia and University of Latvia, representatives from Vaive municipality and tourism specialists took part in the seminar with the aim to look at the landscape in the context […]

The first birding guide in Lithuania invites to Nemunas delta


At the end of January the first birding field guide in Lithuania was presented for the public. Till now there were no such type of publication dedicated for ornithological tourists. It invites to choose Nemunas delta as your next birding destination. “The Nemunas delta region, no doubt, is the most important site in Lithuania for […]

New publications available

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In the frame of the project a new brochure “KEEPING COUNTRYSIDE ALIVE – GRASSLANDS FOR HUMAN WELL-BEING” prepared. In this publication we provide inspirational examples how grasslands can be used differently to deliver benefits for social and economic life of local communities in the Baltic States while at the same time, they do not harm the […]

Second discussion forum held on cooperation and experience exchange on ecosystem services assessment


October 27, 2017 -seminar and discussion forum “Cooperation and experience exchange about ecosystem services evaluation in Latvia” was held in Riga by gathering more than 50 representatives from various state institutions, municipalities, scientific organisations, experts and people interested in the topic. Project expert from university of Latvia Ivo Vinogradovs participated with the presentation: mapping of the […]

Experience Pašešuvis Landscape Reserve by hiking


September 30, 2017 – nature and hiking lovers were invited to 15 km long hike in Pašešuvis Landscape Reserve. All participants had the opportunity to see Pašešuvis and Kairiškės manors, Molavėnų archeological complex, Lūgas spring and a lot more wonderful elements of the landscape. Hitch hikers also have been able to take a look at […]

Birdwatching event in bird paradise, Nemunas delta


September 30 – October 1, 2017  are special days for birdwatchers and ornithologists all over Europe. On these days the annual bird’s migration is being observed internationally. On this special day all nature lovers, bird watchers, amateurs, professionals or just interested people were invited to Ventė Cape to attend the visitor day. More than 200 […]

Project presented in the 2nd Baltic Networking Event in Pärnu, Estonia


September 28-29, 2017. The networking event brought together 15 representatives of LIFE projects, including representatives of capacity projects from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as Lithuanian and Estonian LIFE Programme national contact points. The aim of the event was to provide space for sharing experiences and good practices concerning project implementation in the Baltic […]

In Saaremaa it was discussed why and how to take account of ecosystem services in environmental management and spatial planning


September 26, 2017 a seminar on “Integrating ecosystem services into environmental management and planning process” took place in Saaremaa Nasva club in the frame of the LIFE Viva Grass project. The seminar focussed on grasslands but also more general questions were addressed, including: why we should map and assess ecosystem services, what are relevant EU […]

Meeting about ecosystem service assesment in Lithuania


September 21, 2017  specialists from project team and Ministry of Environment met to discuss possibilities for the ecosystem services assessment in Lithuania. Project team presented their results, methodology used for ecosystem service assessment and the integrated planning tool which is under development. Participants of the meeting discussed application of those results when making general ecosystem […]

Visitor day invited to experience Vilnius grasslands


September 15, 2017 – Pavilniai and Verkiai regional park directorate invited nature lovers to the visitor day, dedicated to grasslands. First of all, all participants had a lecture about importance of grassland ecosystems for humans. Moreover, participants were introduced to rare meadow plants, birds that are nesting and hatching their offspring in these particular habitats. This […]

Kurese opened doors for visitors


July 20, 2017 – second visitor day took place in Kurese nature farm where cultural and natural values of the area were introduced to the participants. Kurese nature farm is located in Kurese landscape protection area, which is part of Natura 2000 network. The area includes diverse semi-natural habitats (from dry alvars to alcaline fens) […]

Open day event in Cēsis in the frame of the conversation festival Lampa


July 1, 2017 – the aim of the interactive event held in close cooperation with the Latvian Fund for Nature was to introduce wider public with grassland ecosystem services, raise the discussion about grasslands provided ecosystem services and importance in everyday’s life as well as offer the option to vote for self-important meadow goods. At […]

Visitor day in Dubysa regional park “Pharmacy under your feet”


June 22, 2017 –  everybody, that ever wanted to know about medical herbs, how and where to finds them, were invited to visitor day in Dubysa regional park. Participants not only had a lecture about herbs, but could use fresh knowledge in order to collect them during the hike. They also visited Padubysis hill fort […]

Project presented among other LIFE projects in Tallinn


June 13, 2017 -EU Nature Directive and LIFE program 25th anniversary event took place in Tallinn, Estonia. The main goal was to discuss challenges and opportunities for implementing EU Nature Directive and how LIFE program could be used for that. Even though the main focus of the event was on nature conservation issues, different kind […]