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Kurese Farm invites people to enjoy meadows, March 2016

March 31, 2016: Laura Remmelgas and Kai Klein from BEF Estonia visited Kurese Farm that is a pilot area and partner in LIFE Viva Grass project. The owner of Kurese farm, Urmas Vahur showed grasslands waiting for grazing animals, the drilled well established in the frames of the LIFE Viva Grass project as well as alvars restored in “Life to alvars” project.

The main aim of the Kurese Farm is to organise protection and management of nature and cultural heritage in the former village landscape. Every year in May, ca. 200 heifers are brought to Kurese grasslands where they stay until October. In the course of restoration and management works prehistoric fields, burial places, strongholds and cult rocks have been discovered in the area.

Kurese Farm is open for all people that are interested in nature or history or just curious. More information at the website of the farm:

DSC_7277 DSC_7329 LIFE VivaGrassis tehtud puurkaev

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