Project presented among other LIFE projects in Tallinn


The Eu Nature Directive and LIFE program 25th anniversary event took place in Tallinn, Estonia on 13th of June. The main goal was to discuss challenges and opportunities for implementing EU Nature Directive and how LIFE program could be used for that. Even though the main focus of the event was on nature conservation issues, […]

LIFE Viva Grass info-stand welcomes visitors in Kurese farm, October 2016


In the beginning of October 2016 already the second LIFE information stand in Estonia was installed – this time in Kurese nature farm. It is introducing Kurese Nature Farm and its natural and cultural values related to semi-natural habitats as well as ecosystem services of grasslands. Kurese is located on  landscape protection area which belongs to […]

A village day in Leedri, Estonia, July 2016

Leedri küla kadakapäev

July 9, 2016 a village day was organised in Leedri, Estonia. It was already fourth time to host such an event called a Juniper’s Day. This year it was organised in collaboration with LIFE Viva Grass project. The topic of the event was „Green meadows“ – importance and value of grasslands. Visitors had a chance […]